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Seniors of modest means often depend on government programs such as Rent Increase Exemptions, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing subsidies and of course Social Security in order to manage each month. Council staff provides expert help with the vital recertifications and other issues that assure the uninterrupted receipt of these indispensable supports. Seniors with special needs receive individualized assistance through the many resources the Council can draw on

Often, more important to seniors whose families may be dispersed across the nation are the Council’s programs of volunteer Friendly Visiting, Holiday Celebrations and Telephone Reassurance serving home bound as well as active seniors. Area seniors know they can turn to the Jewish Community Council for help with all their concerns.

The support the Council receives from UJA-Federation of New York, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and the Bronx Jewish Community Council is vital to our work assisting seniors in Pelham Parkway.


“Mr. & Mrs. Rabinowitz” are Holocaust survivors in their late 80’s. They have always been proudly self sufficient, helping their neighbors and fellow survivors. “Mrs. Rabinowitz” has become increasingly frail.

“Mr. Rabinowitz is devoted to her and provides for her care but it is clear that he too in becoming frail and in need of care as well. Council staff works with their son to assure that all possible resources – A home attendant, Kosher Meals on Wheels and Friendly Visitors are in place to help the “Rabinowitz’s”.

“Albert” is a 76 year old man of limited skills. “Albert” is often overwhelmed be the task’s of daily life. He calls the Council office five times a week to ask if he “has to wear a sweater to go out today” or “is it ok to eat an egg for breakfast”?

“Albert’s” only income is SSI and Food Stamps. He has a Section 8 Rent subsidy. The recertification forms for these three vital supports arrive every year. “Albert” is afraid of the forms; he thinks they are part of a plot to annoy him. “Albert” looks to the Jewish Community Council to be his family and help him every day.


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